Webinar September 10th, 2022 - Grammar, Harassment, Ethics and Humor (10 Hours)

Join us online for our newest 10 Hour Program!  GRAMMAR, HARASSMENT, ETHICS, & HUMORLive Webinar Date: Sept 10th, 2022 Time: 9:00am - 8:00pm EST Purchase your spot today!   After purchasing this course,...


Join us online for our newest 10 Hour Program! 

Live Webinar

Date: Sept 10th, 2022
Time: 9:00am - 8:00pm EST
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2.5 Hours (150 minutes)

Presenter: Pam Coder, CSR

Content Outline: 

In this two-and-a-half-hour presentation, court reporters will explore rules they should know backward and forwards in their working environment.  We will go over NCRA Code of Professional Ethics. Also, will discuss distribution of uncertified rough drafts

Participants will discuss:

  • Which rules come up most often in depositions
  • Which rules come up most often in court
  • The rules that you should carry in your bag
  • The rules that a reporter should know and be able to discuss with attorneys and peers
  • NCRA Code of Professional ethics dos and don’ts
  • Distribution of uncertified rough drafts

Participants will learn how to:

  • Calmly discuss the rules
  • Shut down negative conversations regarding the rules with humor
  • Who does and does not receive distribution of uncertified rough drafts
  • Find NCRA advisory opinions

 Appropriate Methodology:

This presentation will involve slides/handouts regarding reading and signing, audio transcription, who can and cannot take depositions (Federal/State), NCRA advisory opinions, Zoom etiquette, others recording, and much more.  We will have interactive group discussions and competitive games for rule retention.


2hrs (120 Min)

Presenter: Pam Gwin Coder, CSR, and Kathy McDaniel, CSR

Course Objective:

This interactive session is to teach reporters how to change their thought process when they start to absorb the negative content and negative energy that comes at us on a daily basis.    This presentation will guide the reporter to merely observe the toxic testimony while writing and editing and not internalize when dealing with angry, hurt, mental individuals as we all come back to a new work environment. 

Seminar Topics:

The two-hour session will show the reporter how to merely observe the negativity they experience on a daily basis and help to prevent anxiety and depression through a known, scientifically proven technique.  We will discuss experiences with negativity coming back to a new normal from the Pandemic with visualization and creative thought control through videos, slideshow, and group discussion.  

Learning Outcomes:

Court Reporters will learn a proven technique to keep the toxic testimony from invading their system and thoughts.  This will help in all areas of their life with their attitude and performance.


1 hrs (60 Min)

Presenter: Kathy McDaniel, CSR

 Course Objective:

This hour-long presentation will give an in-depth review of proper procedures for license renewal and the appropriate steps to make sure you have taken your required continuing education long before your renewal date before you deal with the pitfalls of forgetting to renew.  The session will involve a PowerPoint presentation and hands-on instruction.

 Specific Topics: 

  • Identifying the places to find continuing education
  • Where to find the date of license expiration
  • Where to find your renewal date
  • The people to communicate with when there is an issue
  • Prevention of losing your license
  • Consequences of late renewal.

 Learning Outcomes:

Court reporters will learn how to navigate renewals successfully without stress by keeping up with their continuing education and techniques and ideas on where to store their proof of seminar attendance.


1.5 hours (90 Min)

Presenter:  Pam Gwin Coder, CSR, and Kathy McDaniel, CSR

Course Objective:

This hour-and-a-half session will include discussion, handouts, and slideshow on building your dictionary to improve your editing time and productivity.  We will also show court reporters the importance of backing up your dictionaries on a regular basis.

Specific topics:

Outlines that should be added to your dictionary

Backing up your various dictionaries

How to build industry-specific dictionaries

When and where to back up your dictionaries

 Learning outcomes:

Court Reporters will learn to improve their editing time and tran rates by working consistently on their dictionaries.  We will also learn the importance of industry-specific dictionaries and case dictionaries when working on large, multi-party cases or just everyday cases.  Reporters will also learn various ways to back up their dictionaries and when it’s important to back up and keep dictionaries in a safe place.  


1 hr (60 Min)

Presenter: Pam Gwin Coder, CSR, and Kathy McDaniel, CSR

Course Objective:

This hour-long session will include videos and interactive discussions that will help facilitate how reporters can tell when they are being sexually harassed online or in person, how to handle it professionally, and how and when to let others know what is happening.

 Specific Topics:

  • Your rights as an individual regarding sexual harassment
  • How to tell if you actually are being harassed
  • What exposures to sexual harassment court reporters face in the workplace, male and female
  • How to expose the harassment

Learning Outcomes:

Court reporters will learn coping mechanisms for dealing with sexual harassment and be able to tell the difference between harmless flirtation and harassment and when it’s time to say enough and report.


2.0 hrs (120 Min)

Presenter: Pam Gwin Coder, CSR, and Jeff Justice

In this fun, competitive, two-hour presentation, we will cover capitalization rules, punctuation geared towards transcript production, common grammar mistakes, including numbers, homonyms, and to sic or not to sic.  We will use games, quizzes, and timed exercises for fun learning, retention, and competition.

Participants will discover useful grammar correctors.

Learning Objectives:

The objective of this session is to refresh reporters on English grammar with a review and rules on capitalization, basic grammar, possessives, and more techniques for better transcripts.  Through fun games and quizzes, reporters will up their game on transcript preparation skills.

Specific Topics:

  • To cap or not to cap
  • Basic grammar
  • Number rules
  • Soundalikes

Learning Outcomes:

This two-hour session will sharpen court reporters’ skills when producing their transcripts based on all the teachings from this presentation to help them find fewer mistakes when proofreading and putting out their final work product.

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