Confidence, Ethics, Internet Safety, and Humor - 10 hours (1.0 CEUS)


Session 1 Title: “Super-Organized Reporter“ – 2 hrs (120 minutes) Presenter: – Pam Coder, CSP Pam shares tricks and tips for keeping your computer running smoothly and organized so you don’t spend a...


Session 1

Title: Super-Organized Reporter – 2 hrs (120 minutes)

Presenter: – Pam Coder, CSP

Pam shares tricks and tips for keeping your computer running smoothly and organized so you don’t spend a bunch of unnecessary time looking for files.

Topics covered:

Pam and the attendees discuss organizing and storing files effectively and safely, audio tips, capacity, cloud storage, sending files to support staff, peripherals to improve productivity, keeping your desktop clean and clutter-free, tracking expenses and anything else to save time and make our jobs easier.

Session 2

Title: Things People Say” –  2 hrs (120 minutes)

Presenter: Pam Coder, CSR


You’ll receive a handout of paragraphs with crazy sentences actually said in depositions, made up words, words that are difficult to spell or not pronounced like they are spelled.  Pam shows you how to make sense of it all.


Pam Gwen Coder, CSR

Pam Gwin Coder is a dedicated freelance reporter in Texas and has reported since 1994.  She is a realtime writer, technology instructor, software instructor, and frequent guest speaker.  She has been mentoring students from various schools since 2003.  Pam opened her own school, “RACR,” The Realtime Academy of Court Reporting in October of 2012.  Pam is a member of TCRA as well as NCRA.  She is speaking at the NCRA convention for the first time this year.  Her first book, Transitioning from Student to Professional Court Reporter, was first published in 2009.  She is currently working on her second book, The Mystery of Beginning and Ending Pages – Solved!

Session 3

Title: “Court Reporting – It Ain’t No Picnic” – Ethics 2.5 hrs (150 minutes)

Presenter: Pam Coder, CSR

Pam discusses the importance of staying informed about current legislative matters affecting our positions across the nation, how to get involved in helping firms/clients with the current shortage of court reporters and being effectual.

Specific Topics:

  •  Matters happening all across the country with regard to reporting
  • What has been effective and not effective in helping with our career paths   current legislation
  • Knowing your worth
  • Dealing with difficult attorneys
  • Situations associated with the shortage of reporters
  • Last minute requests when you are already on overload
  • Rough drafts – what are they
  • Reporting layoffs
  • How you can help your colleagues, etc…

Session 4 

Title: Researching Safely On The Internet” – 2 hrs (120 minutes)

Presenter: Jeff Justice

Course Objective:

To show court reporters how to safely navigate and search the internet.

Specific topics:

• The top 10 internet safety rules

• What not to do online

• Keeping your computer virus free

• Keeping the kids safe online

Session 5

Title: “Super Self-Confidence” 1.5 hrs (90 minutes)

Presenter: Jeff Justice

Learning Outcomes:

Jeff shows court reporters how to be more self-confident in every aspect of their work life.

Specific Seminar topics:

Take action. Get it done

• Face your fear

• Get to know who you are and what you want out of life

• Realizing that failure or being wrong will not kill you

Learning Outcomes:

Court reporters will understand how to become more self-confident by taking action, facing their fears and getting to know themselves.

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